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A few words about our progress

As one of my photos was featured on Oklahoma Today's website and Facebook page I'm sure I will be getting a small spike in traffic.  Thought it was time I update on the progress of this blog.

No, we did not give up on the project.  It is still a work in progress and may be for quite some time.  When I started this project I hoped to get it complete while my kids were still young.  However, that didn't happen.  Like most families can attest, life sometimes gets in the way of our plans.  Most weekends these days are filled up with soccer games, Taekwondo meets, cross county, and my own marathon training.  

I wasn't completely happy with a couple of the photographs I uploaded.  I may replace them later and revisit those counties.  A few of the counties I visited but did not upload because I decided the quality wasn't what I wanted to capture.

Never fear, the project will eventually get completed, however, I am not in a rush to get it done.  I plan to take my time and complete it slowly, and most importantly, not rush through it just to get it done.  Anything worth doing is worth taking the time to enjoy.

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Ryan Adams said...

77 countries. Wow, I am jealous! I added your blog to my list, as I am starting up a travel blog myself and looking for some good ideas! I have yet to travel to 77 countries, but hope to accomplish that feat some day.

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